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There's nothing like enjoying a perfect cup of coffee. Since 2020 our goal has been to offer every customer exactly that. With great coffees from all over the world - from intense flavors to creamy textures - we are here to offer you a unique coffee experience.


Sip by sip.


At barista.dg we offer you wonderfully fresh coffee that is specially prepared for each individual customer. Take a look at our wide range and come by to try it out for yourself.

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I am a italian with Tyrolean roots and live for coffee from all over the world. A passionate barista, that's how I would describe myself.

Like many others, I made my first experiences in the summer months. At the age of 14, you could top up your pocket money as a temporary worker or "tuttofare". But I quickly felt comfortable behind the counter or in the restaurant. My decision to take this path seemed very easy at the beginning, but in the course of my "career" this profession presented me with a few hurdles. From working hours, weekends to public holidays as well as Christmas and New Year, always working. In this job you have to be flexible and sometimes have to endure a lot. I always say: "Either you love the gastronomy or you haven't found the right thing for you yet!"


I found it! :)


After a few years as a barista in an Italian cafe, I learned a lot about coffee, but it wasn't enough for me! I wanted to find out more about it and have attended some courses and advanced training in this area. The deeper I delved into this topic, the more I became curious to find out everything.

In 2017 I decided to work as a barista in one of the largest coffee roasters in Germany so that I could get to know every single step of the coffee bean.


In 2020 the time has come, in cooperation with the owners and operators of a beer brewery, restaurants and hotels, i was asked to help them build up a new coffee brand called 'NOAH'.

I am very curious how this dream will develop.

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