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How to: Filter

The coffee from the past, with grandma, with mom, it was always a pleasure and one was always happy when the coffee pot was placed on the table.

Are these days over?

One completely underestimates this type of preparation and the diverse tastes that can result from it. With the right preparation (the proportions of coffee powder and water), you get a coffee that is rich in aroma. Find the right amount: 7–8 grams of ground coffee is recommended for a 125ml cup. Depending on the type of coffee, roast and personal taste, you can also use 2–3 grams more. It is important that the filter paper is rinsed out with hot water before filling it with coffee powder so that undesirable substances that spoil the taste do not get into the coffee. The grind of the coffee should be medium fine; if the coffee is ground too finely, the water is in contact with the coffee grounds for too long and over-extraction occurs. That means the coffee tastes bitter and is too strong for many connoisseurs. This also happens if the proportions are incorrect. If you have too much water you end up with a thin and tasteless coffee, too little water makes it too strong and indigestible. It is therefore always advisable to work with scales. The water should ideally be heated to 92°– 95°C, the powder burns too hot and undesirable substances are created again, and the aromas are not properly dissolved if they are too cold. So you now have the right amount with the right degree of grinding in the already moistened filter paper and the heated water is ready. So that the aromas can develop properly, you only pour enough water over the powder until it is covered, this allows the coffee to flower and the aroma oils dissolve. After about 30 seconds, continue pouring slowly with circular movements.

The water should ideally run through after approx. 2 - 2.5 minutes, otherwise you have to adjust the grinding (finer or courser). Let the freshly brewed coffee rest briefly and then enjoy it to the full! ;)


- Freshly grind coffee (medium fine)

- Clean the filter with hot water before use

- Note the water temperature (not boiling)

- Then let it flower in circular movements

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