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Moka pot, this is the right way to do it!

By far the most popular way in Italy to prepare coffee at home is done with the Moka pot

The little Italian has his regular place in almost every kitchen. The coffee is made quickly and easily with low pressure via the riser pipe, first through the first sieve with the coffee in it, then further into the pot.

Step 1: grind the coffee bean

For the best result, grind the coffee fresh! The grind should be as fine as for the portafilter (sized between flour and salt). Tip: Strong espresso beans are recommended for the cooker, as they are roasted a little longer and are more resistant to heat.

Step 2: fill in water

Fill the bottom of the jug with hot water. Hot water rises faster and the coffee grounds are no longer exposed to dry heat.

The water should not cover the small pressure valve you find on the inside.

Step 3: Pour ground coffee into the sieve

Place the sieve on the lower part of the jug. Pour in the ground coffee and carefully level it with your finger or spoon so that the surface is even. Before assembling with the upper part of the pot, free the edge and the rubber seal of coffee grounds and dirt.

Step 4: put on the stove

Close the jug well and place on the stove over medium-high heat. Then take the pot off the stove, the famous hiss-sound should come, let it rest for a minute.

Step 5: enjoy



- freshly grind coffee (fine)

- fill with hot water

- keep the rubber seal clean

- take the jug off the stove while "hissing" and let it rest for a moment

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